Friday, February 3, 2012

American Akita dog

The American Akita dog is originated from Japan. This dog breed is similar with Japanese Akita breed. They have massive body size with balance body. The American Akita is very clever dog which many use for rescue or watch dog. Let’s learn more about American Akita dog breeds, review, descriptions, temperament, training, body, and puppies.
american akita breeds
american akita breeds

American Akita Descriptions

The American Akita is a medium to large dog sized. This dog have a blunt triangle head when viewed from above. Their nose are black on white Akitas and also can be a lighter colored. The American Akita ears are strongly erect and small with triangular, slightly rounded at tip and wide at base. The eyes are in dark brown colours with small size, deep set and triangular in shape. Then the teeth are sharp and strong with scissors bite preferred.
The American Akita coat is comes in double coated which undercoat thick, soft, dense and shorter than outer coat. The coat is available in variety colours include the brindle, white, or pinto.

American Akita Temperament

The American Akita is docile, courageous, fearless and have high degree intelligent. This dog also careful to other and very affectionate to their family. They also may become very aggressive to other dogs and animals. You must train them and controlled them for a firm, confident and consistent pack leader.

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