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Akita Inu

Akita Inu is one of the famous dog breeds. The Akita dog is a medium to large dog size. The other name for Akita Inu is a Japanese Akita, Great Japanese Dog or Akita-ken. Akita Inu is original from Japan. This Akita Inu is very loyal to their master. There are a Hachiko Movie which inspired from the true story about the loyal of Akita Inu. Hachiko is very loyal to the master until he die. The Hachiko dog never leave their master, he always wait and wait until the master come back. It’s very a touching film.
akita inu
akita inu

Let’s learn more about the Akita Inu breeds, descriptions, temperament, body, puppies, training and Akita use for.

Akita Inu Descriptions

The Akita is pronunciation as ah-ki-ta for Japanese pronunciation and a-KEE-ta Inu pronunciation in the West. The Akita Inu is a solid, powerful, well-proportioned, loyal and distinctive dog. It has a triangular shaped head with broad and blunt. The Akita dogs have small and erect ears with carried forward and in line with the neck. Their eyes are dark and brown colours with in small and triangular shape. The Akita generally have broad and black nose, brown nose on white Akita’s. The teeth are sharp and strong which meet like a scissors.
The Akita Inu’s coat is comes in double coat which a harsh and waterproof for outer coat. There are variety of coat colours include the pure sesame, red, brindle, white, and fawn.

Akita Inu Body and Lifespan

The Akita Inu is have medium to large body size. The generally height of Akita Dogs is at about 24-26inch / 61-66cm and about 24-26inch / 61-66cm for the Bitches. Then the weight of Akita Dogs is reach to 75-120 pounds / 34-54 kg and about 75-110 pounds / 34-50 kg for the Bitches. The lifespan for Akita dig is about 11 to 15 years but it can be more years old.

Akita Inu Temperament

The Akita dogs are intelligent, docile, courageous, and fearless dog. They are careful and very affectionate to their family. The Akita dog will be very willful and very aggressive to the other dogs and animals when you don’t give them a confident, firm and consistent pack leader. The generally they are a good dog which available with other pet and great with children.

Akita Inu Puppies

The Akita dog can produce 3 to 12 puppies with average 7 or 8 of Akita puppies. You must train the Akita puppies to get the best Akita dog. The Akita Inu puppies is very cute and beautiful.

Akita Inu Training

The Akita Inu is a good dog breeds. They need much good exercise to improve their ability. They needs moderate with regular exercise. They also must be taken for long daily walks to keep their proportional body and their power. Care their health and food to keep them.

Akita Inu Use

The Akita dog is a good dog with proportional body and high degree intelligent. They trained for the rescue dog, watch dog, police dog or the dog house.

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